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The Yuniverse was founded on December 6th, 2018 by Stephen Woolfolk. After leaving the University of Arizona in 2016, Stephen moved to Phoenix to begin working as a pharmaceutical representative to try to make a difference during the height of the opioid epidemic. A couple weeks after moving, his girlfriend began to experience severe anxiety attacks daily. Unsure of how to help, Stephen began researching alternative healing methods and ultimately came across the enormous benefits of the holistic lifestyle (mindfulness), as well as CBD. The next time an anxiety attack began, his girlfriend tried a bit of CBD and less than five minutes later, her energy had was completely changed.  Realizing that CBD helped his girlfriend get rid of the feeling almost instantly, Stephen was intrigued by the idea of combining CBD with mindfulness. This is where The Yuniverse was born.

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Everything is energy and our focus is to raise the vibration of the world. We achieve this through our Four Pillars. The first of the Four Pillars is Impact. Recently, The Yuniverse partnered with Global Non-Profit Organization, One Tree Planted, to impact and help with the reforestation of earth. Now, for every order placed, one tree will be planted. Learn more below!