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The Yuniverse Began

And So It Is

In everything we do, our intention is to raise the vibration of the world. We believe that when people are balanced, they are able to enjoy the present moment more and ultimately see through a lens of love. The Yuniverse was founded December 6th, 2018 by Stephen Woolfolk; he wanted to help his girlfriend with her severe anxiety attacks. After moving from Tucson to Phoenix, she began experiencing severe anxiety attacks, sometimes lasting several hours. Twenty-six and unsure of what to do, Stephen began researching alternative healing methods, ultimately encountering CBD & holistic wellness. After giving both a try he found two things: Firstly, CBD helped his girlfriend with the symptoms she was experiencing during her anxiety attacks, and brought her energy back to homeostasis. Secondly, he noticed that by practicing mind, body & breathing techniques such as meditation, yoga, and breath-work, she significantly reduced the frequency of her anxiety attacks. It was there that the idea of combining CBD with mindfulness was born.

* And So It Is *

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The Yuniverse 4 Pillars to Balance 

Mental, Physical, Spirit, Impact


Co-Founder & COO

"I am passionate about sustainability initiatives as well as the future of remote work."

- Vashti Joseph

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Founder & CEO

"I believe my purpose is to help raise the vibration of the world."

- Stephen Woolfolk