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5 Ways To Protect Your Energy

Have you ever felt a heavy weight or energy that was on you, or had someone vent to you and after you felt bogged down? No worries, here are a few different ways you can change that! But first, let us give gratitude to Mother Nature. Thank you. Whether we acknowledge it or not, Mother Nature will impact our bodies in more ways than we may think. You may be wondering which ways those are, and I will get to that shortly but really quickly, let us just take a moment to breathe.

Ah, that felt great. Now where were we. Oh yes, nature.

“A person’s energy and the aura they give off never lies. Trust in that.”

Protect Your Energy


There is a practice called "grounding" that aims to connect your electrical energy (negative ions) to earth and balance your body. Grounding is first on the list because of its easy accessibility, ability to help you feel more aligned with yourself, all while cleansing your aura and relieving stress. It is as simple as walking barefoot on the grass or dirt for ten minutes a day. Your energy is inherently part of the very ground you walk on, so it makes sense that reconnecting to it will help balance you.


There is a reason you feel more relaxed after a bath! Submerging yourself in any body of water, big or small, will help your mind decompress and completely cleanse your aura. Studies show that simply laying in cold or luke warm water activates the natural healing properties from within, leading to a natural sedative state. When you think about it, the fact that water supports so many forms of life is truly incredible. So, whether it is a tub that is a bit too small to fully stretch, a lake or an ocean, swim and feel your energy become whole again. All it takes is a few moments to feel your chakras realign.


Have you ever had a delightful cup of coffee from The Yuniverse and just started to randomly move your body? Random dancing just feels good and helps relieve stress. Dancing + guided imagery & specific songs, is a whole new vibe. The term coined, "ChakraDance", describes a specific method of dancing that takes you on a journey through the 7 chakras ultimately using free flowing motion to connect our inner world with the outside. Having a bad day? Randomly bust a move next time you are eating! Remember, it is the little things.

SMUDGING (with Palo Santo)

I am sure you have heard of Sage smudging before but it is now 2020, and it is time to switch things up. Palo Santo, also known as Bursera Graveolens, is a mysterious tree with even more intriguing benefits that grows on the coast of South America. With a name that translates literally to "Holy Wood", it only feels right that some of the benefits seem heavenly. From its anti-oxidant rich essential oils to the positive vibes it brings, Palo Santo is soothing when lit and in its raw state.


This is a five thousand year old practice that is available for anyone to explore, simply by going within. It actives the parts of your brain that allow you to focus and be present, increase self awareness, and reduce negative emotions. Quite nifty, I use it sometimes in the morning to get ready for the day before a meeting or after dinner to decompress. Through Phoenix based founder of Authentically Auhlined, Lindsay Morgan, I recently just found out about Sleep based guided meditation. Many of the same benefits of guided meditation but this one is, as the name says, specifically for helping with sleep troubles.

Whether you are feeling the social distancing blues, or just feel stressed, I hope some of these ways help you the way they were able to help me when I needed something.

*And So It Is*

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