• This organic blend of Cranberry & Apple is named Ananda, centered around the Crown chakra. The Crown chakra (the 7th chakra) is referred to as the connector of our spiritual nature and to the divine. The intention for this organic blend is to align your energy, connect deeper within, and help you transcend. With fresh cranberries, flavorful apples and dashes of cinnamon, your energy will transcend the present moment.

    Key Info 💡

    CBD Per Container:

    200mg - 350mg

    CBD Per Cup:

    - 10mg

    How to brew 🍵

    One teaspoon for every person and one teaspoon for the pot. Steep 4 minutes

    *Broad spectrum made from hemp-derived CBD & contains 0% THC*
    American farmed hemp Independent lab tested Vegan friendly.

    Cranberry Apple Tart - Tea

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