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Father and Son Reading a Book

Reading Corner

Explore a curated collection of conscious books designed to inspire, affirm, and transform both children and adults. At The Yuniverse Reading Corner, we offer a selection of thoughtfully crafted books published by The Yuniverse, aimed at nurturing the mind, body, and spirit. Join our community of readers committed to living consciously and connecting deeply. Welcome to a world of wisdom and well-being for every generation.

One upon a time, in a magical town called Harmonyville where.png

Joya The Magical Gingerbread

"Joya The Magical Gingerbread" is a heartwarming tale about a gingerbread cookie who comes to life during the holidays, spreading love and affirmations to three children. Through her enchanting journey, Joya teaches valuable lessons about kindness, self-worth, and the true spirit of Christmas.

The Adventures of Lulu.png

Lulu's Big Adventure

"Lulu's Big Adventure" follows Lulu as she navigates her big emotions, learning how to manage and understand them along the way. This beautiful story helps children recognize and cope with their feelings, promoting emotional resilience and well-being. 

Purple Illustrated Me and The Moon Children Book (4.125 × 6.25 in) (5 × 8 in) (1400 × 1800

Baby Go, Too

"Baby Go, Too" is a delightful story about a curious baby who wants to join his mama and papa on all their adventures. This charming tale captures the joy of exploration and the special bond between parents and their little ones.

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