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About Us

Connect & Discover Your Inner World

The Yuniverse believes there are two keys to living a more present life: 

 mindfulness & connection

We believe self care is different for each person. 

The intention of The Yuniverse is to help you feel more grounded before, during, and after any activity throughout your day. Think of it as a love tool belt, with each of these tools empowering you with various ways to fill your cup of love. Tools such as sound baths, breathwork, guided meditation, yoga Nidra, and events for deeper connection, give you the ability to be present, feel supported and grounded in any situation.

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Our Story

At the end of 2018, on December 6th The Yuniverse was established by Stephen Woolfolk. After traditional methods were not able to help Stephen's girlfriend with her anxiety attacks, that sometimes lasted 3+ hours, he did some research in hopes of finding another way to help her. After weeks of research, Stephen came across CBD and holistic wellness.

This is what initially sparked the idea for The Yuniverse.

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