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10 Things To Do With Coffee

Although coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans, you can use these very same coffee grounds for other purposes also. A few of them just may make it into your weekly self care routine!

Some of the magnificent things coffee beans can do include:

  1. Make cakes

  2. Eliminate odors

  3. Increase blooming of your flower

  4. Feed your compost pile

  5. Fertilize your garden

  6. Repair scratched furniture

  7. Trap Cockroaches

  8. Enhance flavor of foodsR

  9. Make acne fighting mask

  10. Add shine to your hair

1. Make Cakes

Throughout history people have made cakes with just about everything, including coffee. In fact, people use coffee in making many delicious baking products. You can also make ice cream or even ice cream cake with coffee. There is a lot of delicious and exotic dessert you can make with coffee in your home.

2. Eliminate Odor You can eliminate the odor with the help of coffee beans. Because of coffee containing nitrogen, it actually absorbs bad odors and neutralizes the smell, making coffee a great natural and effective alternative to baking soda. No longer will the smell of garlic from your hand be a problem. Keep some coffee in a jar near your sink. After cutting the garlic or onion, rub it on your hand and wash.

3. Increase Blooming Coffee beans are highly acidic in nature. You can spread them over the flowers bed of acid-loving plant-like Azaleas and Hydrangeas for amazing blooms. It gives better blooms to flowers.

4. Feed Your Compost File

Coffee beans are rich in compost because coffee grounds are loaded with potassium, phosphorus, copper, and magnesium. They are highly acidic as they also release nitrogen which makes for wealthy compost.

5. Fertilize Your Garden To get a better harvest of carrot and radish, mix seeds with the coffee ground before planting. The coffee beans help you get double production.

6. Repair Scratched Furniture Mix one tablespoon of coffee with one tablespoon of oil to get rid of a small scratch or scuff mark on your furniture. Apply the mixture with the help of cotton and let it dry. Coffee repairs the furniture also.

7. Trap Cockroaches The coffee also helps in trapping cockroaches. Fill a can with one or two inches of moistened coffee ground and double-sided tape to trap cockroaches. The aroma of the coffee makes cockroaches come into the jar and trapped them.

8. Enhancing Flavor

With the help of spiced coffee brine, you can make the perfect flavored juicy chicken. With the help of the coffee brine, you make the tender chicken with a sweet and crackly crust. Make delicious chicken with it.

9. Make an Acne-fighting Mask Coffee is perfect for acne-prone skin. Coffee has natural astringent and antioxidant properties, which makes a perfect DIY mask treatment. Mix coffee ground with enough milk to make the paste. Apply it to your skin for 15 minutes. Rub the mixture gently, and then wash your face.

10. Add Shine to Darker Hair The coffee adds shine to hair. Redheads and brunettes can give their hair a nice glow by rinsing their hair with cooled and robust coffee. The coffee adds shine to your hair due to the plethora of nutrients within.

These are just a few way to use coffee at home. The endless uses for old coffee grounds. It is a valuable product which helps you a lot in your household work.

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