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5 Ways To Live A More Holistic Lifestyle

How to connect within and manifest your reality daily.

CREATING YOUR OWN IDEAL HOLISTIC DAILY ROUTINE A simple and conscious shift in your daily routine can be incredibly cathartic and rewarding! It could be the constant pouring in of unsettling news from the media, fear of contracting the virus, or just plain stress. All of us experience living in a state of stress more often than we’d like to- and this can really take a toll on our overall wellness. We must take deliberate action to embrace a more holistic way of living- by simply switching things up at home. The following are a few ways I like to bounce back from a funk, and feel like a renewed, brighter and happier me!

Perfection is not the goal of holistic health, but rather healing of what can be healed, prevention of what can be prevented, and joy found in the fullness of life.”

  • Morning Rituals- If you're anything like me, you probably wake up right before you must be leaving the house and rushing through the morning, giving yourself no time to fill your YOU cup. Try spicing up your morning routine so that you’re motivated to wake up and get an early start to your day. Set your alarm with uplifting music to help you wake up easily and not with a start. The first thing you should be doing upon waking up is letting as much the natural light into your space, as possible. This is a sure shot way to boost your spirit and get you moving. After handling regular hygiene regimens, next is nourishment of the mind and then body. Prior to consuming any food, I like to read an affirmation once to myself and one more time out loud. For me this wakes my mind up with positive energy so that every thing I do from there on, is with intention and purpose. As the mind is booting up, you could have a tall glass of room temperature water to calmly awaken the digestive system. Something recently that I have added to my morning routine is CBD coffee. With all of the good parts of coffee, and none of the bad, CBD coffee truly has changed the way my mornings feeling. Now the mornings have shifted from stress to silence, chaos to peace, and peace to balance.

  • Prioritize- Maintaining a journal is so crucial in keeping track of our mental health. Not only does it help us release all our brain dump, but it can also help us organize and structure the day. Sometimes it is as simple as writing down a ‘to-do’ task list that you can tick by as and when you complete each errand that you made a note of.

Also, maintaining a gratitude journal can really help put things into perspective, since gratitude is rightly called the ‘seed’ to growing happiness. All of these little things are paramount with their collective impact on our mind and functioning. Journaling can also help alleviate burgeoning stress by helping us organize our thoughts and feelings on paper. After all, detoxing is not just limited to physical well-being!

  • Get Moving- It’s a no-brainer that physical activity helps beat distress and anxiety, by pumping our hearts and releasing the chemical ‘dopamine’ in our bodies. However, sometimes the very idea of it can seem daunting and tiresome. But it really doesn’t have to be. Take out the time to list out some of the physical activities that you genuinely enjoy doing. Swimming, walking, dancing, yoga, gardening- there are plenty. You don’t necessarily have to hit the gym to be fit. Just avoiding a sedentary lifestyle is key to maintain good health. Eat whole, organic foods. Fill your plate with a rainbow diet. Go for regular walks in your neighborhood- taking your furry friend along helps too. Put on upbeat music, and dance your heart out. Not only is this sort of physical engagement good for your body, but also for your mental well-being.

  • Winding Down- Before hitting the sack at night, it is essential that your mind is at rest too. For this, mindful practices like meditation are extremely helpful. Meditation and focused breath work help you decompress and unwind from the frenzied energy of a busy day. Take deep breaths, stretch your body and sit in passive acknowledgement of the present moment. A few minutes of this personal therapy can not only help de-clutter your mind, but also help you carry calm, positive energy onto the next day. If you’re unfamiliar with how to practice mindfulness, then guided meditation tutorials online can be of great help. Just click and follow along one, according to whatever your need of the hour may be. You could be dealing with insecurity, pain, sadness, or just wanting to sleep better. Incorporating a few minutes of mindfulness into your daily routine can benefit all these areas.

  • Choose quality entertainment- What you feed your mind, is what consumes the majority of your thoughts for the rest of the day, even the week. So, you must choose wisely. Instead of drowning yourself in momentary entertainment that doesn’t really benefit you in any other way, choose entertainment with substance. Pick up a good book. Watch informative and motivational videos. Educational entertainment doesn’t have to necessarily be boring. You could also listen to a fun, yet uplifting podcast on your daily walk or jog. The mind is a sacred space- and little things go a long way in leaving an everlasting impression on it. Our thoughts can easily translate into actions. And our actions define us. Holistic wellness encompasses all aspects of our being- the mind, the body, and the spirit. We must keep all in tandem in order to live our best lives!

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