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The Yuniverse

Discover Your Inner World

Unlock The Power Within

Welcome to The Yuniverse, where we empower you to learn & harness the practice of mindfulness.


Our intention is to help you regulate your nervous system. This will ultimately help you understand your emotional needs, connect deeply with others, and be more present in your daily life. 


Experience The Yuniverse

✓ Learn to regulate your nervous system and emotions with Yoga & movement.


✓ Stress less & discover the transformative power of breathwork &  meditation with The Yuniverse. 


✓ Soothe & align your energy before, during or after a long day, anytime.

✓ Get into flow and cleanse your energy anytime with sound baths & music. 

Join us on a journey to inner harmony today.


Learn & Practice With The Yuniverse

Our network of expert teachers from around the world bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our classes. Learn from the best and take your mindfulness practice to the next level.

Customized Programs for All Ages and Levels

At The Yuniverse, we believe that mindfulness is for everyone. That's why we offer customized programs for all ages and levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced meditator, we have a program that's right for you.

Pilates Friends

Simple WorkPlace Wellness Programs

In the modern corporate world, cultivating a balanced work environment is vital for employee well-being and business success.

The Yuniverse excels in Workplace Wellness, prioritizing emotional intelligence and nervous system regulation. Our customized programs and expert guidance empowers your organization to prioritize workforce mental and emotional health for sustained success daily.

Explore profound experiences

Yoga Class

Save Your Spot


Meditate Together Online

Experience the Power of Mindful Community

At The Yuniverse, we believe that meditating together is a powerful way to deepen your practice and connect with others. Join our online community and experience the power of mindful connection.


Choose Your Plan

Start your journey with a 14-day free trial. Choose a plan that works for you and enjoy unlimited access to our online classes and workshops. Cancel anytime.


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Explore the Collection

Sip, Savor, and Raise Your Vibration: Discover the Soulful Essence of our Exquisite Tea Collection.

Our Happy Clients

"Working with The Yuniverse as my meditation guide has been a beautiful experience. Their guidance and expertise have helped me find a sense of inner peace and clarity that I never thought possible. With a soothing and compassionate approach, Lindsay Morgan creates a safe space for exploration and self-discover"

Amanda Johns, COO, HORIZON

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