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Discover Your
Inner World

Mindful Living

Discover your journey to mindful living and nervous system regulation through meditation, soundbars, yoga, breathwork and more!.

Personal Growth

We'll help you curate
a unique wellness experience to support individual growth.


We foster community
through events, deepening personal connections on
the mindfulness path.

Through The Yuniverse, discover various holistic healing services to connect deeper & guide you through your mindfulness journey.

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Corporate Wellness

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Profound Experiences

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Soulful Shop

Sip, savor, and raise your vibration. Discover the soulful essence of our exquisite tea collection.

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Yoga Class Participants

Ethereal Events

Indulge, immerse, and elevate your spirit. Explore the heartwarming experience of our events.

Yoga Class Participants

Choose Your Plan

Start your journey with a 14-day free trial. Choose a plan that works for you and enjoy unlimited access to our online classes and workshops. Cancel anytime.

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Our Happy Clients

"Working with The Yuniverse as my meditation guide has been a beautiful experience. Their guidance and expertise have helped me find a sense of inner peace and clarity that I never thought possible. With a soothing and compassionate approach, Lindsay Morgan creates a safe space for exploration and self-discover".

Amanda Johns, COO, HORIZON


Ready to flow with us?

Welcome to The Yuniverse!

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