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CBD COFFEE by The Yuniverse

Raise your vibration & manifest your day with The Yuniverse freshly roasted ground & whole bean CBD coffee. Enjoy a different way to energize and balance your energy throughout the day.

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CBD TEA by The Yuniverse

Align & soothe your aura throughout the day with CBD Tea by The Yuniverse. Marvelous for relaxation before, during, and after any activity.


by The Yuniverse

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  •  Connect and drink coffee with hundreds from all over the world during  our live Coffee Time online events (monthly)

  •  Discounts on CBD Coffee & Loose leaf Tea from 10-20% Off

  •  Curated playlists  to set the vibe and enjoy before, during, or after any activity. 

  •  New Guided meditations, Sound baths, and more monthly! 

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Meet Our Mindfulness Team

Be present & feel balance with The Yuniverse new Mindfulness platform. 
Sound baths, Guided Meditations,  Yoga sequences, Yoga Nidra sessions, Card readings, & more!

Lindsay Morgan

Yoga Nidra Specialist

"Enter the deep states of conscious relaxation"



Meditation & Intuitive Readings

"Intuitively connect, realize & recognize the magic within"


Monique Angelyca

Sound Bath Specialist

"Bridge the gap between mind, body & spirit."

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